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    Image (detail): Samuel Sarmiento, Aruba

Who we are

The Caribbean Creative Network is the premier way for the world to connect and collaborate with Caribbean creatives. 

This database, developed and maintained by Kingston Creative, seeks to promote the Caribbean’s best and brightest creatives in all creative industries.

Kingston Creative is a non profit arts organization, started in 2017, founded by a team who believe in using Art & Culture to achieve social & economic transformation.

Who we are

Image (detail): Irvin Aguilar, Aruba

What we do

Image (detail): Brandon Best, Barbados

What we do

The aim of the Caribbean Creative Network is to provide Caribbean-based creatives with a space to showcase their work and portfolios, find jobs (whether full time, part-time or freelance) and allow them to collaborate and connect with each other on various projects and opportunities listed on the platform.

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As a Caribbean based Networking platform, we have the ability to reach and connect with thousands of businesses and individuals in need of creative services. We're here to connect creatives to opportunities in the Caribbean. We have many services for creatives across the region, from job listings and project collaborations to portfolios and CV listings. We're working to establish a space for creative professionals in the Caribbean so that regional talent can be seen and heard.

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Image (detail): Nicole Tang, Trinidad and Tobago

Discover Caribbean Talent

I think it's so beautiful to be able to be part of the Creative Caribbean Database , to be able to visibilize and map out the existence of our work and practice

Natusha Croes, Cultural Practitioner, Aruba

This database is crucial to strengthening the digital footprint of Caribbean artists, making our work more visible to potential clients, investors, and colleagues; Visibility unlocks opportunity, and opportunity grants access to income.

Tajha Winkle, Animation/Visual Arts, Jamaica

Thank you for permitting me to take part in this incredible opportunity

Marly Desir - Visual Arts - Haiti

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