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Samantha Suzy
St Lucia
  • Artisanal / Crafts

Artist Bio

From birth, Samantha has always been surrounded by crochet and knitted items. Which; growing up has been a part of her life. Her mother always had an adoration for knitting and crocheting, she made her baby vests, booties and hats just to name a few; and also crocheted Samantha’s First Communion dress, purse and socks. In addition, her mother crocheted chair backs, dollies, flower vase baskets and other items which she placed around the living room, and also sold.

At a very young age, Samantha showed much interest in learning the skills of crocheting and knitting, which she developed a love for. Upon showing her interest to learn the skills, her mother taught her the various stitches for them. She crocheted and knitted items for her dolls as a child. She also crocheted chair backs and cushion pillows. She would watch a pattern’s picture and replicate it, but then her mother taught her how to read the crochet patterns, after telling her, “not all patterns come with a picture.” Crochet and knitting became a hobby for Samantha. She also has a love for creating things from recycled objects. At that young age she had already decided she wanted to create a business from her love of crochet and knitting. When she had her sons, she crocheted and knitted baby vests, booties and sewed baby blankets for them. However as the years passed, she started crocheting and knitting less and less; apart from her occasionally creating some items for family and friends. It wasn’t until she attended the ‘Advance Floral Arrangement Class’ that she began doing her crochet again. She crocheted roses that she added to her ‘Wedding Package;’ which she created as her final exam for the course. From there her styles of crocheting had blossomed as she produced rose brooches, various styles of earrings and jewelry sets, headbands and more. Samantha also branched out, with producing personalized purses, neck ties and other craft items for her clients. She drew inspiration from online searches, her imagination, and her clients unique taste. Which she brought to life and created through her love of crochet; reducing her carbon footprint by recycling objects and providing persons with an item that suit their individuality. Once again her dream to start her business came to light and she has been making it a reality.