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Artist Bio

R. A. E. Storm is a multidisciplinary artist, realist, activist and entertainment specialist.
As a creative, R.A.E Storm has had the privilege over the years of collaborating with various artists
from a number of disciplines, who have in one way or another influenced her own creative
development. Storm, after earning her BFA in Theatre, had been afforded the opportunity to work in
several capacities within the Jamaican Creative Industry.
From dance instructor to independent films, avante garde street performances to working in
commercial Theatre she works towards evolving as an Artist and constantly explores new ways of
building her career as the ‘Consummate Performer’.
She has a deep appreciation for the transformative nature of the Visual and Performing Arts and
enjoys creating, collaborating and sharing her appreciation with her audiences.
Growing up in the recesses of Trench Town, music and culture has always had an influence in her
She creatively uses the influences of her theatrical studies, her love for music and her upbringing in
Trench Town to craft her image and personal style. She hopes to produce art which echoes her
personal and cultural values while fuelling her desires to encourage and positively influence others.