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Artist Bio

PYE BWA, whose real name is Melissa Béralus, was born in Haiti on March 26, 1995. It was in high school that she took her first drawing lessons. Demonstrating very quickly a strong passion for drawing and reading, she was encouraged to enroll after her final year at the National School of Arts, where she undertook studies in Fine Arts. At the same time, she joined the Atelier Jeudi Soir in 2014, which is a
writing workshop led by the writer Lyonel Trouillot and published her first book Ala rive lavi in ​​2016, then her second Woman: male name in 2021. Pye Bwa sculpts , paints, draws and writes poetry. What is at play in the works of Pye Bwa – whether literary or plastic – is the duality between intrinsic identity and contextual identity, this tension between social animal and fundamental anima, these pieces of self that we bury or those we agree to let go. Thus the artist seeks to capture a certain universal instantaneity: instantaneity in the reality described at the time and the universal in the emotion expressed on
the canvas as well as in the spectator. Pye Bwa questions the body, gestures, facial expressions according to the appropriate posture, the moment of relaxation, the thought of the moment.