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Latoyaa Roberts
Books by LR
Trinidad & Tobago
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Media
  • Literature & Publishing

Artist Bio

Latoyaa Roberts has over 10 years of experience as a social entrepreneur, communications expert,
youth advocate and an artivist. Based in the wonderful island of Tobago but living with the mantra –
“live local, think global”, she works with many persons in the creative industry and with NGOs to
develop their voice for advocacy and freedom of expression in the social causes that would transform
the lives of people. She is sole proprietor of Books by LR and recently self-published along with a
freelance writer for Caribbean Insights Magazine and Secretary of the Tobago Visual Arts Association.
Despite her busy schedule, she loves working with young people and civil society organizations in
Trinidad and Tobago and, to a further extent, the Global South. She believes that the world is her oyster
and will make the best of all possibilities in life.

Collection of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts