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Studio photo, taken from the front, to capture a small moment of beauty, a look that betrays an emotion, an attitude specific to myself.
Dominican Republic
  • Theatre & Performing Arts

Artist Bio

Actor, comedian, and photographer, enthusiast James Alquintor was born in Port-au-
Prince on January 8, 1989. James has always had a weakness for art, painting

since he was a child, but his true love has always been the performing arts. He had to put his passion
aside at some time in order to aid his mother, as he had not had an easy childhood. It wasn't until
2015 that he decided to pursue his so-called passion and turn it into a career. He began his studies in
the Dramatic Arts section of the National School of Arts, ENARTS, in the autumn of 2015.

project Kwonik ko vid
project kwonik ko vid