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Barracks Entertainment
Barracks Entertainment
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Artist Bio

Fabian Barracks is a prolific, award-winning Jamaican playwright, director and producer who
has written and produced ten commercial productions. He is passionate about youth development
and focuses on producing plays that explore some critical themes affecting young people, and by
extension the family.
His achievements include winning Actor Boy Awards for Best Children’s Play and Best
Comedy, as well as Youth View Awards for Favourite Local Theatre Play. His 2018 production
Black Sheep received ten Actor Boy Award nominations including: Best Production, Best New
Jamaican Play and Best Children’s Theatre.
Barracks is also a philanthropist who serves as the chairman for a charitable organization known
for making generous donations to students living in vulnerable communities across Jamaica.
An alum of the Wolmer’s Boys’ School and graduate of the University of the West Indies, he did
undergraduate studies in Entertainment and Cultural Enterprise Management and is pursuing a
Master’s Degree in leadership in Education from the Liverpool John Moores University in UK to
strengthen his work in empowering youth through theatre arts.
Through his company Barracks Entertainment Productions which was established in 2010, and
The Barracks Theatre which opened in 2019, he has provided a supportive arts and education
space that is a hub for young creatives. This way, he continues to stay true to his vision of
bringing out the best in youth through the arts, while nurturing young talents and contributing to
the cultural landsape through the production of quality theatre.
Since COVID-19 Pandemic, Barracks has launched a publication of three of his most popular
plays in a book called Caribbean Plays for Modern Youth with hopes of his work being added to
the CSEC Literatures in English and Theatre Arts syllabus. The production company has also
pivoted from live theatre and has produced a highly popular YouTube series, Balla which has
garnered a reach of over 300,000 youth across the island and in the Diaspora.

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