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Kamun [Social Artist]
Dawuud KAMUN
Kamun [Social Artist]
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Artist Bio

Who's Kamun [Social Artist]?!

Kamun, digital artist, works mainly with new media. His approach is social, to be close to
those far from the cultural world by questioning their environments.

The starting point of this work was the realization and the shaping of portrait from the oval
shape. It was a matter of unconsciously re-creating a new family, The BROWN Family
whose characteristics go beyond the simple color brown.

His portraits (still images) were the starting point for an experimentation for an animated film
Speak BROTHER Speak. The first intention was that it be "the mouth of those who have no
mouth" as Aimé Césaire wrote, using sound extracts (music, reportage...). The artist wishes
to propose a new speech.

The “démounage” of its characters allows the artist to point out questions of society (vaccine
obligation, chlordecone, problematic water...) and to put the various protagonists in the
center of the debate.

As we go along, a primer (fist man, ghost octopus...) has been created to reinforce this
staging and make the work easier to understand.

The “démounage”: the fact of destructuring his portraits so that they are marked by this
suffering. Term inspired by the Creole language and invented by the artist.

Artist statement:

Non potable
God is BROWN
Blood Banana Flowed
Welcome To Blood Paradise