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 C h a r l B .
C h a r l B .
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Artist Bio

A tree with many branches!- charlbaker.is Canadian born but Jamaican made,
She is an artist, designer and a stylist. A creative individual that delights in making
Something from nothing ... A CREATIVE ALCHEMIST!
Art is just an extension of my soul. I truly believe ; was born to create.
"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength "I use various mediums to
express my creativity. My interest is visual and performing arts is multifarious. I continue
to pursue creative endeavors and my passion for the arts is the driving force
behind my business Studio 969.
So whether I am styling for the latest film, commercial or music video or creating a
new look for an upcoming artist or existing talent- my signature is evident.
I think of life as my ever changing canvas - where fabric transforms to jewelry and
Recycled materials and wire take root and become my Trees of Life"!
PAINTING- is the voice I give to my minds' eye. City walls come alive with Murals
Each creation is a piece of me. Once my hands and he Art are engaged this is my bliss
Creative expression is my souls desire.
I always seek further develppment of my craft.
The artistic journey continues….the best is yet to come!

 C h a r l B .