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Allyson M
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Artist Bio

I am Arte in name and art in nature.
20 years ago I stormed out of my mother's house, determined to exist with my art.
Life has a funny way of putting you right on your butt until you're REALLY ready to be honest
with yourself. I spent a lot of time on my butt, shocked and disappointed because it just didn't
work. Nothing did. I ignored my art so long, filled with so much trauma that I almost thought I lost
it. Then, 2020 happened. My partner insisted I get a drawing tablet, after seeing me take a
commission, and absolutely blow it away.
I finally found my tribe, and they have pushed me to be my true self, Arte in name, and art in
Young me had the fire, but she was so scared to succeed. She focused on surviving, because it
was a lot less scary than success.
Me today? I thrive in my success. When my customers are thrilled because they got the piece
they dreamed of, when my own eyes see EVERYTHING in living colour? That's where my heart
really knows peace.